End-to-end orchestrated patching for CISA compliance

As long as there is software, there will be patching. Now more than ever, security vulnerabilities left unpatched put agencies at significant risk. The Cost of a data breach report 2022 found that vulnerabilities in third-party software are some of the most costly breaches and are a common attack vector. Organizations that automate security incident response have a 74-day shorter recovery time. This is the largest, single cost-saving decision an agency can make to protect its systems and data. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) published a binding operational directive for federal civilian agencies that calls for a process (and actions) to remediate known exploited vulnerabilities within two weeks. Timelines could even be accelerated for vulnerabilities that pose a grave risk to the federal enterprise. Automation provides the ability to react at this speed and scale operations to busy IT teams. Vulnerabilities are not isolated to just an operating system, application, or device. They can come from any angle at any layer of the digital infrastructure, which requires a solution that helps IT teams work together. Additionally, the solution must be able to integrate with existing security response tools for streamlined and rapid response. Agencies that deploy an enterprise automation platform are better positioned to proactively secure their hybrid infrastructure, reducing response time and increasing compliance. Tune in to learn how Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform is the solution to meet modern cybersecurity challenges.


Will Tome | Automation Strategist, Red Hat

Will Tome is an Automation Strategist for Red Hat specializing in working with federal agencies to develop automation strategies and solutions to solve growing infrastructure complexities and security requirements. He comes from a technical background as a Solutions Architect with Ansible Automation Platform, which allows him to translate unique technical requirements and limitations into strategies that serve the mission.