The value of a cloud-native application platform Featuring a Forrester Total Economic Impact analysis

How do you justify investments in new, cloud-native application platforms while maintaining existing infrastructure and tools? In this episode, Red Hat and our guest speakers from Forrester will discuss how to approach business value assessments of modern platforms. We’ll look at the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) methodology and share customer examples from Red Hat’s experience. In this panel discussion, we’ll also take a detailed look at the commissioned Forrester Consulting study, “The Total Economic Impact™ of Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus”. We’ll share data collected from customer interviews, showing how a composite organization was able to achieve a 203% return on investment (ROI) in 3 years by increasing developer productivity, reducing costs, and decreasing risks.


Brent Ellis | Senior Analyst, Forrester

Brent Ellis leads Forrester’s technology resilience, backup, storage, and mainframe modernization research. Brent helps technology leaders become adaptive, creative, and resilient with modern yet pragmatic approaches. His research spans skill evolutions from administrators to site reliability engineers, full Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) backup protection, integrated development approaches applying DevOps to mainframe programs, optimizing storage for AI, public cloud resilience strategies, and best practices for cloud-native and Kubernetes storage and resilience.

Keith Coe | Vice President and Principal Consultant, Forrester

Keith Coe is a Vice President and Principal Consultant in Forrester’s TEI consulting practice. He advises technology providers on how to market and sell their products, solutions, and services by proving their business value.

Grazyna Wicik | Director, Business Value Practice, Red Hat

Grazyna Wicik is a Business Value Practice Director at Red Hat. Grazyna has held senior positions in a number of technology companies, moving from global cloud services sourcing to leading business operations for SAP’s largest SaaS organization, SuccessFactors. Prior to joining Red Hat, she led the SAP FinOps function as VP of multicloud cost analytics, optimization, and governance.

David Friedlander | Director, Product Marketing, Red Hat

David Friedlander is a Director of Product Marketing for Red Hat OpenShift. Prior to joining Red Hat, David held product and strategy positions at Docker, VMware, and Microsoft and was in an analyst role at Forrester Research.