Kubernetes security 101: How to protect container workloads

As the world rushes to embrace cloud-native technologies, ensuring the security of containerized workloads has emerged as a pressing concern for organizations. Amid this dynamic landscape, Kubernetes, the leading container orchestration platform, holds the key to fortifying your security fortress. Discover the full potential of Kubernetes' built-in security features, from network policies to role-based access control (RBAC), secrets, and policy enforcement through admission controls. Your security program must embrace a Kubernetes-native approach, harmonizing with the platform's inherent controls to achieve fortified protection while minimizing operational risk. From safeguarding your software supply chain to safeguarding running applications, this episode will take you on a transformative journey, uncovering advanced security use cases across the entire application life cycle. Join our experts as they give a comprehensive review of the advantages of adopting a Kubernetes-native approach to container security. Explore how harnessing Kubernetes-native controls can elevate your defenses and deliver unrivaled security benefits to your organization.


Anjali Telang | Principal Product Manager - Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security, Red Hat

Anjali Telang is a Principal Product Manager for security solutions at Red Hat. With more than 16 years of experience in cloud, security and networking, Anjali empowers organizations to safeguard their Kubernetes environments. Prior to joining Red Hat, she worked in various product and engineering roles at VMware and NetApp.

Ajmal Kohgadai | Principal Product Marketing Manager, Hybrid Platforms Business Unit, Red Hat

Ajmal Kohgadai is a Principal Product Marketing Manager and has more than 10 years of security marketing experience across tech startups and enterprises, with a focus on cloud security. He works on the Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security and Red Hat OpenShift® teams, building and executing a go-to-market strategy for Red Hat’s security portfolio. Prior to Red Hat, Ajmal worked at StackRox—a Kubernetes security startup acquired by Red Hat. He also worked at Skyhigh Networks—a cloud security startup acquired by McAfee.