Automating cloud cost management with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Automating cloud cost management with Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform has become a popular solution for organizations to optimize and control their cloud spending. Ansible Automation Platform is currently used to automate cost-saving processes like shutting down idle resources, resizing underused instances, maintaining the integrity of configuration management databases (CMDBs) and charge back databases, and scheduling on-demand services. With Ansible Automation Platform's flexibility and versatility, organizations can customize and automate their cost management strategies to fit their unique needs. This approach to cloud cost management can provide significant cost savings by reducing wasteful spending, preventing over-provisioning, capturing chargeback, and promoting efficient resource use. By automating cloud cost management with Ansible Automation Platform, organizations can achieve cost optimization while maintaining performance and availability in their cloud environments.


Andrew Gallant | Automation Sales Specialist, Red Hat

Andrew Gallant is a Red Hat Ansible Automation Sales Specialist with more than 10 years of experience creating and delivering automation programs for some of the largest companies, including major financial organizations. With his extensive knowledge and skills in automation, he has been able to streamline and optimize complex processes for his clients, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.