Kubernetes: An effortless button for data science

Data Science represents an important evolution in computer science and data processing that is rapidly transforming industries in terms of what we are doing, how we are doing it and using insights to drive decision making, and government agencies want in on the action. Agencies face a growing overload of data that is both incredibly valuable and also becoming increasingly burdensome to collect, process, and analyze. So far, the practice of data science has lived and operated independent of traditional IT operations and practices, but as disciplines are colliding, so are the ways IT organizations are now increasingly supporting the needs of resource-constrained data scientists. Come see how Red Hat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) come together in a single-step application platform service, Red Hat® OpenShift® Service on AWS. Amazon SageMaker works with Red Hat OpenShift on AWS to provide the capabilities needed to help operationalize data science in security-focused environments. Combined, these tools allow data scientists to focus on the tasks that are most time sensitive and provide a soft hand-off for the operations team to handle the model once in production. We will show how to use data science to enhance biometric analysis in this episode.


David Marcus | Associate Principal Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat

David Marcus works as Lead Associate Principal Solutions Architect for Red Hat with a focus on data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) and edge computing. Prior to his career at Red Hat, David worked for Lockheed Martin, notably for Space Systems Co. contracted on three human space flight missions for NASA's Orion Program.

Bob Kozdemba | Principal Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat

Bob Kozdemba works as a Principal Solution Architect who specializes in Red Hat OpenShift Data Science platforms. He has experience with several open source technologies, including Linux®, Kubernetes, 3D graphics and machine learning operations.

Aaron Jablonowski | Application Platform Specialist, Red Hat

As an Application Platform Specialist primarily supporting the U.S. Department of Justice, Aaron focuses on assisting with the deployment of Red Hat technologies throughout the public sector. Prior to joining Red Hat, Aaron spent more than 15 years as a solutions engineer delivering large, complex engagements across both commercial and public sector accounts, specifically within the intelligence community and more recently while establishing an Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) business practice in London, England.