What’s next after CentOS Linux? New options for open source development and production ready platforms for telecom, cable, and media

On June 30, 2024, CentOS Linux will reach end of life. Moving ahead with Red Hat®Enterprise Linux® ensures service providers of full life cycle support, thousands of certified ecosystem options, and the security, reliability and management required of a commercial platform. Recognizing the significance of this move, Red Hat is prepared to support service providers with tools and guidance to make the migration as efficient as possible. Tune in to learn about and discuss why this change is a better move for service providers.


Gordon Keegan | Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat

Gordon Keegan consults with Red Hat clients on technologies, projects and opportunities to help identify solutions that can solve business challenges. As a Systems Engineer, he specializes in Red Hat Linux and has a broad background in Solaris, AIX, and HPUX. His areas of focus have included architecture, engineering and ongoing administration and maintenance of a variety of Unix-based IT environments across the retail, network R&D, education and financial services industries.

Bob Handlin | Experience Product Manager, Red Hat

Bob Handlin has helped build and promote products in various parts of the tech industry for more than 20 years. He currently focuses on RHEL migrations and upgrades, but also assists with storage technologies and live patching.