When open source meets AI: How Red Hat OpenShift generates new opportunities

As industries proactively integrate the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to redefine their horizons, Red Hat® OpenShift® AI stands as a beacon of innovation and agility. This webinar offers insight into why Red Hat OpenShift AI is not just a product but a testament to Red Hat's commitment to open source innovation. Key takeaways: - Red Hat's open source pedigree: The history of pioneering innovative open source solutions for today’s IT demands - Integrated AI with Red Hat OpenShift: Discover the ways Red Hat OpenShift AI offers an unparalleled environment for machine learning (ML), deep learning, and data science workloads - Versatility across landscapes: Witness the power of Red Hat OpenShift as it operates consistently from cloud environments to on-premise, from datacenters to the edge, showcasing its adaptability rooted in Kubernetes-based container orchestration - AI everywhere and anywhere: Delve into real-world scenarios where Red Hat OpenShift AI's capabilities are used Join us on this illuminating journey to learn about how the versatility of Red Hat OpenShift AI is steering a revolution.


Frank La Vigne | Emerging Sales Specialist, Cloud Services, Red Hat

Frank La Vigne has a genuine passion for using data to accelerate innovation and has consistently been a leader in the data analytics community. His extensive background in these transformative technologies has positioned Frank as a respected voice in the industry-where he shares his insights and expertise to help pave the way for future advancements. In his current role at Red Hat, Frank spearheads the go-to-market strategy for Red Hat OpenShift AI. His leadership and commitment to data transformation ensures that the integration and application of AI within Red Hat OpenShift environments will align with market demands, making it accessible and beneficial for a wide range of users. Whether through podcasts, speaking engagements, or strategic roles, he continues to shape the narrative of AI and data science for the betterment of industries worldwide.