Deploying and maintaining Kubernetes across an air gap

Managing Kubernetes clusters can be challenging in and of itself, so doing this without the internet in mission-critical environments presents a whole new set of challenges. Red Hat simplifies day 1 and day 2 management of Kubernetes in restricted networks with Red Hat® OpenShift®—an end-to-end Kubernetes platform—along with purpose-built tooling for disconnected environments, stateside support, and cleared professional services. In this episode, we’ll cover: - Considerations for a disconnected environment - How to mirror OpenShift content locally and install the platform with it - How some day 2 operations look for a disconnected Red Hat OpenShift platform


Jason Kincl | Associate Principal Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat

Jason Kincl helps customers understand and adopt containers and Red Hat OpenShift in their environment to support their mission. Prior to Red Hat, Jason worked at the U.S. Department of Energy in high-performance computing, building infrastructure to facilitate scientists using large-scale compute systems to make groundbreaking scientific discoveries. He is a perpetual learner and driven by problem-solving and customer success.