3 use cases for getting started with Event-Driven Ansible

If you are like most IT teams, there simply is not enough time in a workday to get everything done. This leaves you and your team working extended hours just to keep pace. What if you could automate some of the repetitive and routine, yet still necessary tasks? You can with Event-Driven Ansible®. Start small—think big, is the approach we recommend for adopting Event-Driven Ansible. This means beginning with some simple, low-risk tasks and expanding the use and sophistication of event-driven automation from there. By automating simple tasks, you will begin to reclaim some free time so you can focus on the priorities that are important. Tune in to this episode to learn about several simple use cases that are straightforward and low-impact ways to understand the time-savings benefits of Event-Driven Ansible. We’ll also show you a demonstration so you can see this solution in action.


Colin McNaughton | Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Colin McNaughton is a Principal Technical Marketing Manager specializing in Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform technologies and solutions. He has a passion for efficiency, developer tools and processes, and the Ansible automation-creator experience. Colin looks after a range of infrastructure automation and event-driven automation solutions as well.

Nuno Martins | Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Nuno Martins is a Technical Marketing Manager specializing in Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform technologies, including event-driven automation solutions. He is a Red Hat Certified Architect and a Certified Instructor with more than 15 years of experience in many additional technologies. Currently based in South Africa, he brings valuable international experience to the conversation, having worked all over Europe and Africa.