Red Hat Summit 2023 Keynote: Innovation doesn’t rely on your IT budget

If doing more with less is now the reality of the business world, where does this leave innovation? Tightened budgets certainly seem that IT organizations should be focused just on keeping operations online, but what if they didn’t have to choose between maintenance and transformation? What if innovation could build on what they have right now, without needing additional investment in skills, services, or systems? That’s the beauty of the hybrid cloud and the enhancements Red Hat is bringing to bear at Red Hat Summit 2023, forged in the fires of open source innovation. Join Red Hat leadership and some of our most out-of-the-box thinking customers and partners as we showcase the advancements in open innovation and how these technologies and practices can help your business move forward even without significant investment.


Matt Hicks | President and CEO, Red Hat

Matt Hicks was named President and Chief Executive Officer of Red Hat in July 2022. In his previous role, he was Executive Vice President of Products and Technologies where he was responsible for product engineering for much of the company’s portfolio, including Red Hat® OpenShift® and Red Hat Enterprise Linux®. He is one of the founding members of the OpenShift team and has been at the forefront of cloud computing ever since. Prior to joining Red Hat 16 years ago, Hicks served in various roles spanning computer engineering, IT, and consulting. He has worked with Linux and open source for more than 25 years, and his breadth of experience has helped him solve customer and business problems across all areas of IT.

Chris Wright | Chief Technology Officer and SVP Global Engineering, Red Hat

Chris Wright is Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Global Engineering at Red Hat. He leads a team that guides Red Hat’s technology vision, co-creates technologies, and collaboratively implements change to ensure the success of Red Hat’s ecosystem of associates, customers, communities, and partners. Wright’s organization includes: Office of the CTO, Ecosystem Engineering, Product Security, PnT Experience, Product Engineering, Customer Experience & Engagement, and Technology Strategy & Incubation. During his 25+ years as a software engineer, Wright has worked in the telecommunications industry and beyond on high-availability and distributed systems. He also has experience in the Linux® industry on security, virtualization, and networking. Wright has been a Linux developer for more than 15 years, with most of this time spent working deep in the Linux kernel. He is passionate about open source software serving as the foundation for next-generation IT systems.

Ashesh Badani | Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Red Hat

Ashesh Badani is Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Red Hat, where he leads the company’s broad hybrid cloud portfolio. This includes product development and go-to-market strategies for Red Hat® OpenShift®, Red Hat OpenStack® Platform, Red Hat Virtualization, and Red Hat developer tools. Under Badani’s leadership, the company expanded Red Hat OpenShift from an award-winning Platform-as-a-Service solution to the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, with 1,000+ customers spanning all regions and industries. Previously, Badani served as Director of Product Management and Product Marketing of Integration and Application Platform Products at Sun Microsystems. He has more than 20 years of experience in the technology and finance industries at both established and emerging companies.