Success story: TransUnion

TransUnion worked with Red Hat Consulting and CDW to migration from Ansible Tower and Engine to Ansible Automation Plaftorm. This allowed them to take advantage of the global collaboration repository with enterprise-grade support. They then approached teams within TransUnion to be the first adopters of Ansible by migrating their applications. Then this group was able to communicate to other parts of the organization about the value of Ansible, encouraging further adoption.


Ryan Searles | Vice President, Global Technology, TransUnion

Ryan Searles is Vice President, Global Technology at TransUnion. In this role he leads Project Rise, the largest technology investment in the company's history, migrating applications and platforms to public cloud (AWS and GCP) across global markets. This work aims to streamline, standardize and migrate TransUnion's technology stack to a hybrid public and private cloud model to improve our core solutions and to establish an effective and shared global operational spine.