Banco da Amazonia brings banking closer to the people with Red Hat: 2024 Innovation Award Winner

What if accessing banking services meant days of travel for rural farmers in Brazil? Recognizing this challenge, Banco da Amazonia (BASA) worked with Red Hat to build a mobile application: BASA Digital. Leveraging technologies like a robust API manager and automated registration system, BASA brought financial accessibility closer to people, slashing the credit approval process from 180 days to just 24 hours. Now, rural communities across Brazil enjoy unprecedented access to banking services, marking a significant stride towards economic empowerment. About Red Hat Innovation Awards 2024: Through the Red Hat® Innovation Awards program, Red Hat recognizes customers who have come up with exciting new ideas. This year, we honor four winners who took those big ideas and turned them into bold projects and outstanding technological achievements. Their stories show what's possible when teams work together using an open source approach.


Roberto Barista Schwartz Martins de Paula | Credit Director, Banco da Amazônia

Jose Quinto | Director of Technology, Banco da Amazônia

Cláudio Pinto | Project Leader, Senior Technician, Banco da Amazônia