Success story: Verizon

At Verizon, OpenShfit enables automation which has helped with on-boarding and self healing functions, allowing them to move faster. A benefit seen from Ansible is the scale and speed to process requests across Verizon's network which incluses thousands of services across the US. Using playbooks in Ansible Automation Platform, Verizon can trigger the deployment of CUs within their VCP Edge equipment. This ultimately leads to vRAN being deployed faster and faster.


Erick Lemus | Director, Systems & Maintenance Engineering, Verizon

Erick Lemus is Director, Systems & Maintenance Engineering at Verizon. Erick leads Wireless Core 4G and 5G service, and policy engineering for Verizon’s consumer, postpaid, prepaid and wholesale services. In addition he manages 5G core end to end automated testing and automation of deployments Nationwide.