Make Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® your hybrid cloud equalizer

When you’re working across on-premises infrastructures and possibly several cloud providers, you must consider a number of factors. How do you manage services with one cloud provider versus another cloud provider versus your on-premises infrastructure? And how do you manage your application platforms and operating systems? This episode demonstrates how Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® can be your hybrid cloud equalizer. We’ll cover: - How Red Hat Enterprise Linux can bring manageability across your cloud and on-premises infrastructure. - How Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments can be unified and standardized with the image builder tool. - The tools included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux that help you identify problems before they arise, across your entire Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployment.


Nate Lager | Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Nate Lager is a Senior Technical Marketing Manager at Red Hat. He’s been using Linux since Red Hat 5.0 and has taken his passion for communities, technology, and open source from a hobby to a career for more than 20 years. Nate is also a content creator. Whether through blogs, live streams, or podcasts, Nate has a passion for sharing his love of Linux and technology.