Generative AI, the Ansible way

The generative AI revolution didn’t catch the Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform team by surprise. Far from it. We’ve been preparing for this moment since 2021, partnering with IBM Research to develop a generative AI solution that enhances the Ansible Automation Platform experience: Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed. And we’ve done it the Ansible way, with a tight focus on automation and a commitment to delivering a solution that the Ansible community can trust. In this session, we’ll provide an overview of Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed. We’ll walk through how it was developed, the questions it addresses, key features, and how it’s poised to reshape the Ansible creation experience. We’ll cover: - How Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed was developed in partnership with IBM and Red Hat’s uniquely devised approach to the biggest questions surrounding generative AI. - How Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed will transform automation creation and outcomes that customers can expect from the service. - A firsthand look at the Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed experience, with a guided tour of key features and capabilities, how the service fits into existing Ansible workflows, and how to get started.


Craig Brandt | Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, Red Hat

Craig Brandt is a Principal Technical Marketing Manager for Ansible Automation Platform. Before this position, Craig served as a Solution Architect representing Red Hat at the IBM Services Integration Hub. He focused on large, complex deals that covered the EMEA, LATAM, and Canada regions. He brings more than 18 years of experience in the IT field, covering automation, containerization, management, operations, development, and solution design.